Are You Brave Enough To See These Super Creepy Old Ghost Photos?

There’s something scary and unsettling in the old black and white horror films that you don’t find in modern Technicolor movies. It’s the same with old photos. They have an eerie quality not present in the age of super sharp digital photography. This spine-chilling set of haunting photographs are a case in point. Many of these photos have been poured over by paranormal investigators for years. Some have been debunked whilst others remain unexplained.

From dead sailors to plague victims, these shots will call into question everything you previously thought of the spirit world. Remember these photos were taken in a time before Photoshop and image manipulation.

I couldn’t decide which were real or not, they all scared the bejesus out of me. Can you tell the real from the fake?

old ghost shots

Some believe that the ghostly face behind this WWI airman of the British HMS Daedalus is that of air mechanic Freddy Jackson.


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