What These Frat Guys Did For This Sick Girl Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Whilst cancer sufferer twelve-year-old Lexi was spending time in Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA recently she and her mom decided to have some fun. Lexi’s room faced one of the massive frat houses on UCLA’S fraternity row and they thought it’d be fun to put a sign in Lexi’s window asking for a pizza delivery never guessing what would follow.

Frat Brothers Surprise Lexi

Not only did members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house walk across the street armed with pizza for Lexi, but they also brought a bouquet of roses and a guitar. These 20 something guys had taken the time out of their day to play music for a sick girl. But the surprises didn’t end there for Lexi.

Frat Brothers Surprise Lexi (5)

After striking up a friendship with the guys they arranged all sorts of exciting visitors for Lexi ranging from the UCLA football team to women’s tennis players.

Frat Brothers Surprise Lexi (3)

The frat bros didn’t stop there. They carried on visiting Lexi, playing cards, bringing her toy stuffed animals and simply just to show that somebody cared about her. But one night the guys excelled themselves. They told Lexi to peek out of the window and what she saw facing her from across the street blew her mind. Can you guess what they had done? Scroll down and see the beautiful gesture for yourself and have your faith in humanity restored somewhat!

Frat Brothers Surprise Lexi (2)

Frat Brothers Surprise Lexi

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