Zen And The Art Of Kayaking – These Stunning Shots Will Leave You Pining For The Fjords

Tomasz Furmanek is an amateur kayaker and adventure photographer whose work offers a unique and visually stunning view of the fjords and lakes of Norway. Tomasz says his aim is to capture the beauty and balance of nature and to motivate people to visit the locations and to share the joys of kayaking.

He says of his work, “Many of my photos are taken in calm conditions with glassy water. The reflections and symmetry in the photos show the balance and calmness of experiencing nature from a kayak. The kayak bow gives the viewer the point of view of a kayaker, and draws the person into the photo. The triangle of the bow also acts like a vector, directing the focus of the viewer to the scenery above the tip of the kayak.”

The use of a kayak enables Tomasz to visit places that are difficult to reach by any other method of transport. Most of his shots are taken with either a GoPro camera or a Sony compact camera as he prefers to concentrate on composition and feeling rather than the technicalities of DSLR cameras.

Winter Night In Nærøyfjorden

Winter Night In Nærøyfjorden

Tomasz Furmanek

Via boredpanda

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