These X-Rays Of Everyday Objects Will Leave You Spellbound

Artist Nick Veasey opens up the fascinating inner workings of everyday objects using the power of x-rays.

Creating these spellbinding images is dangerous work, and of course working with radiation is not without its health risks. The vast majority of the x-ray work is created inside a custom-built concrete chamber with a lead-lined door, and Nick uses several x-ray machines and a radiation-proof photographic head unit.

Who would have thought the inside of these everyday objects and machines could be so fascinating?

X-ray of an accordian
x-ray of accordion

Moped x-ray
x-ray of a moped

X-ray of a bowler hat
bowler hat x-ray

Rifle x-ray, clearly showing the optics of the sight
x-ray of a rifle

X-ray of a rubber mask

Armed man x-ray
x-ray armed man

Assault rifle

JCB loader

X-ray of a plane being serviced in a hanger – no idea how Nick achieved this!

X-ray of toy robot showing the complex mechanisms inside

DJ’s turntables and mixer

An entire bus with passengers x-ray

Inner workings of a motorbike

X-ray of car driver

Via Nick Veasey