When Mom Looked At The Invoice She Couldn’t Believe It

It’s everyone’s dream to own your own home but sometimes this luxury comes with a serious downside. What happens when something breaks? You can’t simply phone your landlord and not have to worry about the costs – it’s all down to you to find the money to fix the problem. Now for some clever people well versed the DIY this isn’t always the case but for us mere mortals we have to throw ourselves on the mercy of the repairman.

Mother of two Bridget Stevens recently found herself in that position when she returned home to find her house was a chilly 50 degrees. Now Bridget’s husband Bobby could usually turn his hand to most problems and fix them but Bobby was serving overseas in the US military so Bridget had no alternative other than to call someone out. Expecting an answering machine, she rang Betlyn Heating and Cooling only to have her call answered by the company’s owner Paul Betlyn. Although it was after hours Paul first tried talking Bridget through a few fixes on the phone and when these didn’t work he hopped in his truck and headed over to Bridget’s house.

Whilst Paul was working on the boiler Bridget mentioned in passing that her husband usually dealt with such problems but that he was deployed overseas at the time. Once Paul had completed the job and got the boiler running again Bridget thought no more of the matter and awaited the bill.

Bridget and her children

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