This Photographer Becomes At One With The Homeless And The Results Are Truly Staggering

Manchester based photographer Lee Jeffries began his professional career photographing sporting events but his artistic approach was completely changed after a chance meeting with a young homeless girl on the streets of London. Initially he had ‘stolen’ a photo of the girl huddled in her sleeping bag. The girl noticed and Lee’s first reaction was to flee. However, something made him stay and talk to the girl. Through this conversation Lee’s whole perception of homelessness changed and they became the subject of his art.

Lee says of his homeless models “Situations arose, and I made an effort to get to know each of the subjects before asking their permission to do their portraits.” Lee strives to portray both conviction and compassion to the world in his work. “Love ‘happened’ to me.” Lee explains, “It’s a metaphysical testimony of humanity, faith and spirituality. It’s born from love and a connection to another human being.”

The images that follow are both powerful and moving and are taken from Lee’s “Lost Angels” portfolio.

Lost Angels

Lee Jeffries

Via boredpanda

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