This Is THE Scariest Walk In The World. Not Afraid Of Heights? You Will Be.

The Hua Shan cliffside plank trail is officially the scariest walk in the world. It snakes around the side of a sheer mountain face as you walk on rickety planks cemented to the side of the rock face and descend terrifying steps just barely chipped out of the stone. Located on one of China’s Five Sacred Daoist mountains, this dangerous hiking trail is also on one of the most scenic and beautiful mountains in China.

There is no guard rail on the route and all you have to keep you attached to the side of the mountain – should you lose your balance – is a rusty chain to grab onto – although recently the tourist people have installed a safety wire system to stop eager adventure-seekers from falling off into the thousands of feet of abyss below, and to sell a few harnesses (OK, maybe sell a lot).

You discover the trail after ascending the numerous steps up into the mountain heights – the relatively easy bit – and if you are brave enough make to the top of trail you’ll find a unique temple starkly perched on the mountain top.

Hua Shan cliffside-path sign

Hua Shan cliffside path steps

Hua Shan cliffside path boardwalk

Hua Shan cliffside path stairs

Hua Shan cliffside path planks

Hua Shan cliffside path temple

Seeing the stunning photos of this incredible walk is one thing, but watching the first-person footage of this guy trying out the walk without a harness is quite something else. If you are not scared of heights now you just might be after watching this.

Via Aaron Feen on Flickr