These Mug Shots Will Really Get In Your Face

Photographer Bruce Gilden specialises in literal ‘mug shots’ – the result of people being literally mugged by his camera. He describes his work method as “flash in one hand and jumping at people”. His work seamlessly falls into an old school New York style of photography that can be best describes as tough and confrontational. You’re either going to love his work or absolutely hate it, there is certainly no middle ground.

Gilden represents people warts and all. He’s not interested in conventional beauty and goes out of his way to find far more difficult models that challenge our ideals of beauty and the nature of humanity itself. In a short essay that features in Gilden’s latest book, Chris Klatell writes “Here are Bruce Gilden’s people, his family. He shares their teeth, their stubble, their scrapes, their blemishes, their fear of death. In the women’s scowls, in their sternly ambiguous glance, he sees his own mother’s face before she killed herself.”

Gilden’s work is not for the faint hearted but its power is undeniable.

Mug Shots

Bruce Gilden

Via The Guardian

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