These Ant-Man In The Real World Photos Will Blow Your Mind

Not long before the superhero film Ant-Man was released, makers Marvel set out on a street art campaign. They cleverly began with a series of ant-sized posters being put up all over New York and other cities. To coincide with this Marvel commissioned artist Slinkachu to create stunning miniature dioramas starring Ant-Man himself.

Slinkachu is an incredible artist who takes photographs of miniature figures using the natural environment. Once Slinkachu has finished photographing his characters, he abandons them. He says, “Most of the time, I don’t check. I like to leave them and not know what happens to them. I hope people find them, but at the same time part of the idea is that they might not.” Looking at this selection of shots from the Ant-Man campaign it’s clear to see that Slinkachu and Marvel are a perfect match.

Ant-Man Ridding A Flying Ant

Ant-Man Ridding A Flying Ant



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