These Ancient Trees Are Living Monuments – What Can We Learn From Them?

San Francisco based photographer Beth Moon has spent the last 14 years scouring the planet for the world’s oldest trees. Some of her subjects inhabit the most remote regions of the earth and appear as old as the world itself.

Beth says of her work “The criteria I use for choosing particular trees are basically three: age, immense size or notable history. I research the locations by a number of methods; history books, botanical books, tree registers, newspaper articles and information from friends and travellers.”

She believes that as the earth largest and oldest living monuments these trees take on a greater significance as we strive to tackle climate change and global warming. Her works aims to develop a relationship with the natural world in a larger sense of time and to raise awareness of the fragile state of the world we live in.

ancient trees by beth moon

beth moon

Via boredpanda

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