These Amazing Body Arts Will Blow Your Mind

When we think of body art most of us immediately think of children’s face painting at local fairs and shows but there’s more to body art than a dodgy spider-man paint job. These awesome creations have taken the art form to the extreme.

The human body provides a unique canvas for the artist to exploit. The curve of an arm may be transformed into a snake or a giraffe’s neck; an arched back could form a lizard’s body…imagination is the only limit to these guy’s and girl’s talents.

Using more than one body opens up a world of possibilities to the artist as this set of incredible shots proves. Bodies are posed and painted into the most surprising of shapes. There’s seven figures painted to look like a human skull complete with feet for teeth, a painted trio form a tropical tree frog. These photos will really trick your mind. See how many bodies you can count in each shot.

These Amazing Body Arts Will Blow Your Mind

Rene Rodriguez

Via Time to Break

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