Stop The World I Want To Get Off – Thought Provoking Images Of The Insane Truth Of Modern Life

Do you ever feel like your life is nothing but drudgery? You spend endless hours in a soul-crushing job for a pay check worth peanuts. Like a Romero zombie you trudge aimlessly around shopping malls buying crap you don’t really want or need. Social media has become a prison of the banal and vacuous that eats up the hours of your day.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Well you’re not alone. Illustrator Steve Cutts specialises in creating the most vivid images that criticise the modern world and the insanity we bring upon ourselves within it. Steve himself was faced with the decision of working for McDonalds or studying Fine Arts. Thankfully for all of us Steve chose the latter. Before making the leap into freelance work, Steve learned the tricks of his trade as the main storyboard concept artist for Glueisobar.

Steve states that humanity’s insanity is an endless pool of inspiration and looking at this awesome collection of images who are we to disagree?

Money money money

Steve Cutts

Via boredpanda

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