Passers-by Though They Had Found A Pile Of Trash, They Never Realized She Was A Homeless Dog

This homeless dog was found in the street, where passers-by thought what they saw was just a messy pile of trash. His fur was so dirty and tangled he wasn’t even recognisable as an animal, let alone a dog.

Lucky the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals found the stray dog and took him into their care. When they began to clip away at the matted fur they discovered this beautiful – and much smaller – dog underneath. Up to 50% of the dog’s size and weight was due to his unkempt coat.

The dog is now treated, clean and well-loved thanks to the kind work of the animal charity.

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homeless-dog-thoguht-trash 4

homeless-dog-thoguht-trash 8

homeless-dog-thoguht-trash 2

homeless-dog-thoguht-trash 1

homeless-dog-thoguht-trash 3

homeless-dog-thoguht-trash 5

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