Kiddiewinks Hate Going To Bed? Give Their Room A Makeover Just Like One Of These – Problem Solved

Most kids hate going to bed at bed time. They’ll kick and scream and generally destroy their parent’s evening with their determination to avoid the sleepy steps to Bedhampton. No amount of shouting, cajoling or coaxing seems to work and many parents simply throw in the towel and let the little darlings stay up late…too late. Bad decision if you’ve ever had to get a very tired grumpy child ready for school in the morning. So what’s the trick? How do you get the kids quietly off to bed?

Well check out this cool selection of dream children’s bedrooms. There’s jungles and pirate ships, fairy princess castles and tree-houses, every single one an absolute nirvana for the little one in your life. I mean wouldn’t you love to sleep in the rear of a pick-up truck? Or how about being able to literally ‘slide’ out of bed in the morning with your very own bed with a handy slide attachment? So prime your paint brushes and take a lil’ inspiration from this cool collection of kids’ rooms.

jungle room


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