Just A Man With A Rake On A Beach – Prepare For Your Mind To Be Blown

Residents of California may be familiar with artist Andres Amador’s incredible work but for the rest of us this glimpse into his creative world is an absolute treat. Andres does use paint or clay to express his art, he prefers a far more temporary medium…a sandy beach at low tide.

Using just a simple rake, Andres creates the most intricate and complex patterns across sandy ‘canvases’ that can be bigger than 100,000 square feet! He’ll spend many hours creating these masterpieces only for the tide to come in and wash away the beauty forever.

Andres says his work is “more about the process and less about the results.” He uses a rope as a compass for the geometric designs, the rest he says is “geometry in motion, and its perfection is a thing of beauty to participate in.”

beach art

Via viralnova.com

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