It’s The End Of The World As We Know It But You’ll Feel Fine With These Awesome Apocalyptic Images

Canadian graphic designer Steve McGhee’s work reflects his interest in humans being immerged in events that are way beyond their control. By stripping away people’s safety nets and plunging his subjects into apocalyptic and catastrophic events such planes crashing, cities destroyed by tsunamis, alien invasion, Steve shows humanity on the brink of extinction.

Steve says of his work, “…is no way intended to glorify or condone acts of terrorism or celebrate the loss of millions of souls who have perished in past events, rather it is a commentary on the frailty of human existence and made to honour the loved ones left behind.” It pretty hard to deny that although the events Steve portrays are fairly horrific, there is a fascinating beauty to his work.

Ice Storm

Steve McGhee

Via boredpanda

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