In A World Of Steampunk The Talented Watchmaker Is King And These Astonishing Creations Prove It

In a world where wristwatches run on batteries and are usually discarded once the batteries are dead, it’s easy to forget that watches once ran on nothing more than wound springs and cogs. Indeed high end watches today still utilise the same process that has been used for centuries of watchmaking. Unfortunately even these works of art have a lifespan and once that is up they too are usually consigned to the dustbin. Artist Susan Beatrice has other ideas.

She recycles old vintage watches and transforms the workings into the most intricate and beautiful tiny sculptures imaginable. Susan, also a sand artist and painter, describes her work as being “Earth-friendly and artistic items sensitive to the limits of our natural resources”. Ratchets and gears are crafted into a horse’s neck or a graceful woman or even a dragon and when combined with a strong steampunk theme form creations brimming with early industrial ethos. Even if you’re not a steampunk fan you’ve surely got to marvel at Susan’s meticulous craftsmanship.

Eagle from watch parts

Susan Beatrice

Via boredpanda

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