If You Think Modern Art Is Just A Load Of Jackson Pollocks Then You Need To See This Stunning Collection Of Hyperrealism

Hyperrealism is a relatively new school of art emerging in the early 2000s. In simple terms it can be defined as a painting or sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph. In reality some of the finest examples of hyperrealism are so convincing that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between them and a real photograph.

The style was inspired by rebel French philosopher, King of the Postmodernists, and toast of Media students everywhere, Jean Baudrillard. The artist aims to play with our senses as to what is real and what is not. This stunning collection certainly achieves that and much more. The level of detail is truly staggering and the artist’s patience and skills are really tested to the max in this genre of work.

Kevin Okafor – graphite pencils on paper

Kevin Okafor – graphite pencils on paper

Via dose.com

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