Home Sweet Home. These Bonkers Houses From Around The World Are Worth Relocating For

In the UK there is a saying – an Englishman’s home is his castle. We all like to think of our homes as our safe retreats – a bolt hole from the stresses of the world – somewhere to relax and be you. Even on modern housing estates where each house looks the same, once you open the front door a world of individuality usually awaits.

Making the interior of your home individual is fairly straightforward. Different wall coverings and colours, style of furniture, carpets or floor boards – they all add to the uniqueness of everyone’s home. But what do you do about the exterior? Most of us are stuck with a simple four straight walls and a roof structure. The options are pretty limited as to what you can do to change that.

So if your housing ambitions outreach this simple formula these weird and wonderful homes from around the world may be more to your liking.

Gaudi lovers' dream house

Via curiousphotos.blogspot

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