Forget About The Diet And Tuck Into This Snack Pack Of Discontinued Goodies

Nowadays snacks and treats are a little safe. Back in the day we weren’t so worried about food colourings, additives, extra sugar and calories. Oh no we just wanted our snack to be loud and proud. Unfortunately many of our favourite snacks from times gone by have now been discontinued and consigned to the realm of the collector/geek.

However, there are some snacks that you’d give anything to taste again no matter the health risks. So what if Sunny D turns your skin bright orange, think of all that sugary goodness. We don’t care that the nearest our Turkey Twizzlers have been banned by Jamie Oliver.

Sometimes you just really need your junk food to be really junky! Savour the memories with this collection of forgotten noms.

Turkey Twizzlers

Turkey Twizzlers

Via Time to Break

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