World Leaders As You’ve NEVER Seen Them Before

One of the best bits of advice I’ve ever been given is that if you are in a difficult situation with someone then imagine them sitting on the toilet. It’s hard to be intimidated by someone having a dump. Italian digital artist Cristina Guggeri aka Krydy, has created a series which imagines exactly this situation. In her series entitled ‘Duty Calls’, Krydy depicts the rich and powerful as you’ve never seen them before…sat on the loo doing their business.

She explains her reasoning behind the project thus, “We do the daily duties in the same way. We are sitting on our ‘Throne’ in silence, only with ourselves”. From HRH Queen Elizabeth to Obama via a rather wistful Vladimir Putin and the Pope, this collection will ensure that you never look at the rich and powerful in the same way again.

Queen of England

Queen of England



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