This Is What Happens When Taxidermy Goes Bad!

Animals hold a special place in our hearts especially our beloved pets. There’s no limit to what most of us will do to keep our pets happy and healthy. We pamper them, we fuss them, we treat them when they are ill, there’s really nothing we wouldn’t do for our animals.

However, as every pet owner knows, when it comes to the end of a dearly loved animal’s life it can feel like your whole world has fallen apart. Any keepsake becomes valuable – those old photos, maybe a dog’s collar, anything that will remind you of your dearly departed best animal buddy.

Unfortunately…or fortunately for us, some pet owners take it a little too far. Taxidermy is an expensive art form. It can take years of working at preserving small mammals such as mice and rats before an artist is ready to take on a larger specimen. Well this hasn’t put off this collection of pet owners. They’ve immortalised their furry friends in the most…well there’s no other words for it except crappy way.

From the freaky to the downright messed up, this collection of bad stuffings will have you in stitches (no pun intended!).

Kermit gone bad

Justin A


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