These Tiny Road Signs Are For Very Special Road Users Only

In Vilnius, Lithuania they like to do things a little differently. Clinic212, a marketing and communication company, have launched #TinyRoadSigns, a project aimed at improving driver awareness around wooded areas that are highly populated by wild animals. Project manager Martynas Karpovicius explains where the idea came from. “I saw a hedgehog passing through the street and it was so dark that the taxi driver barely saw hedgie. So I decided to make a road sign in Vingis Park.” The signs serve as a reminder that the Earth is a shared space between humans and animals.

The signs have been installed in four different locations with two in Vingis Park for birds and hedgehogs with two others nearby for ducks and homeless cats. It all goes to prove that no matter your size or species, there’s room for us all on this planet.

tiny road signs

Via boredpanda

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