The Sellotape Selfie Might Be The Most Ridiculously Funny Thing Ever. LOL!

What started as an amusing and wacky Facebook page has turned into a viral internet phenomenon, transforming otherwise ordinary office workers and once decent-looking human beings into tea-spittingly funny monsters.

The Sellotape Selfie – first seen in Jim Carey’s “Liar Liar” movie – is steady taking over Facebook, where the page has amassed over 130,000 fans as people all over the world have been taking the selfies of their scary mugs bundled up in scotch tape. As far as the ubiquitous selfie craze goes, this is definitely one I’ld like to see more of!

We start with the man who inspired it all, Jim Carrey…

sellotape-selfies 1

sellotape-selfies 2

sellotape-selfies 3

sellotape-selfies 4

sellotape-selfies 5

sellotape-selfies 6

sellotape-selfies 7

sellotape-selfies 8

sellotape-selfies 9

sellotape-selfies 10

sellotape-selfies 11

sellotape-selfies 12

sellotape-selfies 13

sellotape-selfies 14

sellotape-selfies 15

sellotape-selfies 16


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