Pitch Your Tent With This Superb Collection Of Camping With Dogs Photos

Ahh camping, there’s nothing better than a life under canvas. Sleeping under the stars and waking as the early morning dew begins to settle. Sausages and beans cooked on an open grill whilst the coffee steams in an enamel tinned mug. But what do you do about your faithful furry friends when you are away? Simple, take them with you that’s exactly what Ryan Carter began to do with his dog Cooper.

In fact Ryan and Cooper got along so well that Ryan started his company ‘Camping With Dogs’. The entrepreneur from Nashville wanted an excuse to spend more time with Cooper and now he’s inspiring the world to go camping with their dogs. A recent Twitter campaign #campingwithdogs was successful in promoting the very first National Camping With Dogs Day, a celebration of dogs that follow to the end of the trails map. Camping With Dogs now has a flourishing online community and judging by these awesome shots, have plenty of four footed fans.

What a view to wake up to


Via boredpanda

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