Meet The Normals – Celebrities As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Celebrities are not like the rest of us. They don’t live normal lives. You never see Brad and Angelina stripped of their glitz and looking like everyday folk. Without their fancy diets and personal trainers, contoured make-up and sacks of cash, glitz and glamor, just what would they look like? Well wonder no longer. New York based Photoshop artist Danny Evans presents a world of celebrity ‘make-unders’.

By combining images of people in everyday settings with the faces of the rich and famous, he gives us an idea of what Hollywood stars might look like if they had not become household names. Imagine what could have been if Kim and Kanye were just an everyday couple like the rest of us. Just think what Johnny Depp would look like as the guy next door. So sit back and meet the Normals with this awesome collection of celebrity make unders.

Jay Z and Beyonce

Danny Evans


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