Meet Sneezy, The Snazziest Squirrel In Town

Animal lover Mary Krupa, a student in her senior year at Penn State, is known as the “Squirrel Whisperer” for a good reason. When she first came to university Mary realised that some of the many squirrels on campus were so tame that they let her pet and feed them. “I’m a huge animal lover and when I saw that the squirrels here are so friendly to let you touch them, I figured, hmm, well if the squirrel lets me touch it, maybe I can put a little hat on it” she says in a YouTube interview. And that’s exactly what she did. Sneezy the squirrel in this fantastic series of shots is actually four different Eastern grey squirrels. “Whenever I find one that’s willing to cooperate and it lets me take pictures, then that one is basically Sneezy for the day” she explains.

The only limit to what Sneezy wears is Mary’s imagination. Whatever the look, from surfing dude to knight in armour, Mary’s found her perfect model and I think you’ll agree that Sneezy looks pretty damn dandy in this super cute collection of squirrellyness.

Sneezy the snazzy squirel

Mary Krupa

Via boredpanda

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