Feel Better About Your Own Incompetence With This Hilarious Celebration Of Workplace Ineptitude

Every workplace has one. You know the type. The guy (or girl) who suck at their job and I mean they REALLY suck at their job big time. They’re the sort who always turns up late for work…when they actually turn up at all. They drive you up the wall with their incompetence. Just how the hell did they get the job you ask yourself. They’re the bank teller who closes just as you get to the front of the queue; they’re the baggage handler that trashes your suitcase on every flight you’ve ever been on; they’re the Starbucks worker who can’t spell your name even though it only contains four letters.

This collection of hilarious shots celebrates the sheer audacity of the incompetent worker. So take a break and kick back and remember it doesn’t matter how bad you are at your job, there’s always someone who could do it worse and this collections proves it.

I'm really busy at the moment

I'm really busy at the moment...

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