Dog And Camera In Perfect Harmony. You’ll Absolutely Love These Perfectly Timed Dog Photos

We all love our pets don’t we but there’s something really special about being a dog owner. Whether it’s the endless walks no matter the weather or being leapt on the moment you walk through the door, being a dog owner is a wonderful thing. If you’re like me you’ll have a hard drive full of photos of your dog – walking, running, eating, and sleeping – every moment of your dog’s day perfectly captured onto an SD card.

But just how perfectly timed are your dog shots? I bet they’re not as well timed as this awesome collection of perfectly timed doggy photos. All of the shots featured certainly fall into the ‘couldn’t have written it better if I tried’ category and will have you in stitches of laughter at these moments of perfect synchronicity.

Getting To Know You

Via boredpanda

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