18lb Of Kitty Heaven – What To Buy For The Cool Cat Who Wants To Stand Out From The Crowd

Everyone knows that the internet is made of cats. Type the word ‘cat’ into google images and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Wall to wall felines of every shape and guise doing every possible activity and pastime. Cats on skateboards, cats driving cars, cats being dogs just simply cats, cats and more cats all vying for your viewing pleasure. So how’s a cat to stand out from the rest of the pack? Well this 18lb tabby cat was once hungry and homeless before being adopted in 2005.

This mellow moggy soon discovered the secret to kitty success is that if you want to get ahead get a hat…and not just a hat, a whole outfit. In fact this little cat didn’t stop there. She’s got a whole wardrobe of outrageous outfits suitable for every occasion.

I think you’ll agree when I say that this cat is surely the best dressed online cat on the planet.

Beach Beauty

Beach Beauty

Carla Hervert

Via boredpanda

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